Yechezkel Rodal, Esq.

If I had to sum myself up in one sentence, I would say: I am a husband and father to 5 incredible children struggling to balance my love for my family with my love for what I do. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Florida in 2004. Many people would be surprised to know that my first career was in the food business. As a young boy, I used to hang out in my father’s friend’s Chinese restaurant where I learned from a very young age how to cook Chinese food. I worked in various restaurants before venturing out on my own. Shortly after moving to Florida, I purchased a Thai restaurant in Sunrise, Florida that was the closest Glatt Kosher Thai restaurant to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Running my own business taught me lessons I could not have obtained in the best business schools in the country and that help shape my career as a lawyer on a daily basis.

After a couple disastrous storms took its toll on my clientele and as the economy took a nose-dive, I decided it was time for a change and upon my wife’s counsel, I enrolled in law school. I was fortunate to attend Florida International University (FIU) which, in just a few short years, has jumped to become one of the nation’s top 100 law schools. I began working for a consumer protection law firm in my first month of law school and stayed there for 8 years.

Despite my plans on becoming a criminal defense attorney, an opportunity opened up in the consumer protection field and before I knew it—I was hooked. Seeing the dramatically uneven playing field American consumers are forced to wrestle upon with the world’s biggest corporations, I was determined to make a change. I am proud to have been a part of shaping consumer protection law, specifically in the areas of TILA (Truth in Lending Act), FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), and the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

Unfortunately, I see so much misinformation and a general ignorance as to people’s rights that I have made it my mission to educate consumers on how they can fight back. My goal is to provide my clients with a complete and total solution to their debt issues. Inevitably, this leads to a better quality of life, more confidence, a better marriage, and a happier client.

There is nothing more gratifying for me than seeing the look of relief wash over my client’s face as I tell her / him that I can make the harassment and phone calls stop. Actually, that is not entirely true. There is something more gratifying: Seeing the look that washes over my client’s face as I hand her / him a check a few months later.

“My goal is to provide my clients with a complete and total solution to their debt issues”