Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

Workplace sexual harassment is a rampant phenomenon throughout American workplaces, including Florida. Both men and women suffer from unwanted touching, comments, and even sexual assault at the hands of coworkers and employers. If you suffered from workplace sexual harassment, you can claim compensation for your damages through a civil lawsuit.

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The Definition of Sexual Harassment

When people typically think of sexual harassment, they usually think of improper or unsolicited sexual contact. However, sexual harassment can encompass a wide variety of activities, actions, and words. Under Florida state law, sexual harassment may include sexual advances, jokes, teasing of a sexual nature, exposure to sexual materials, inappropriate touching, and sexual assault.

In the workplace, harassment includes any conduct that makes the employee uncomfortable in their work environment. Federal law defines sexual harassment as a form of gender and sex-based discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. All employers with a minimum of 15 employees must follow Title VII requirements to keep the workplace free of sexual harassment.

Examples of Sexual Harassment in Florida Workplaces

Sexual harassment can come in multiple forms and scenarios. It can create a hostile work environment for the employee, include quid pro quo sexual advances or requests, and, in some circumstances, employers can imply that dealing with the harassment or sexual activity is a condition of employment. Specific examples of actions that constitute sexual harassment include the following.

  • Unwanted physical contact, including touching, pinching, fondling, groping, patting, kissing, or grabbing
  • Sexual assault
  • Blocking, inhibiting, or interfering with free movement in the workplace
  • Inappropriate comments on someone‚Äôs body
  • Inappropriate epithets, slurs, jokes, or comments of a sexual nature
  • Discussing graphic details of sexual acts
  • Giving a promotion to someone who is having a sexual relationship with the employer, regardless of qualified employees
  • Repeated advances for sexual contact, even after refusal
  • Obscene or inappropriate invitations for sexual contact, either written or over email
  • Coercion for sexual activity through a threat, such as losing a job
  • Any other acts of unwanted sexual advances or attention

Holding Employers Accountable for Workplace Sexual Harassment

All employers in Florida have the responsibility to keep the workplace free from sexual harassment. If your employer sexually harassed you, you can hold him or her accountable through a sexual harassment lawsuit. If you tried to report your sexual harassment and your employer dismissed or ignored your claim, you can also hold him or her accountable through a lawsuit.

A civil lawsuit can help you recover compensatory damages for the injuries and losses you suffered as a result of the sexual harassment. These damages can include medical expenses for physical or psychological injuries due to the harassment, as well as lost wages in instances of retaliation or missing work in fear of the harassment. You can also claim non-economic damages for the emotional and physical pain you suffered due to harassment, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, a loss of quality of life, and mental anguish.

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