Correction Officer Misconduct

Even though inmates in prisons are serving time for crimes they may have committed, they nonetheless deserve the protection and decency of correctional officers in the facility. Unfortunately, some officers do not uphold these same beliefs, often deliberately treating prisoners with a substandard level of care.

If you or a loved one has encountered serious misconduct from a correctional officer, please contact the offices of Rodal Law today to discuss your case. You have rights too, and we want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for having them violated.

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What is Correction Officer Misconduct?

Misconduct of correctional officers is an unfortunately common occurrence in Florida’s prison system. It involves any actions by officers that directly or indirectly cause harm to inmates. This includes:

  • Excessive force
  • Singling out inmates and giving them specialized punishments
  • Humiliating inmates or threatening them with more severe punishments
  • Sexual assault – or purposely ignoring sex crimes committed by other inmates
  • Failing to protect you in situations of inmate-on-inmate violence
  • Depriving inmates of suitable living conditions
  • Depriving inmates of proper care if they have any health conditions
  • Otherwise exercising gross negligence in situations where a correctional officer’s assistance was necessary

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Pursuing a correctional officer misconduct case on your own may be incredibly difficult or downright impossible due to the circumstances surrounding your case. If you are an inmate, you may not have the time or adequate resources necessary to build a strong case against your offenders. Additionally, the court of law may not necessarily give you the benefit of the doubt, as someone who has already been convicted of a crime. A correctional officer may also have an accomplished team of union-appointed attorneys by his side to protect his legal situation.

Hiring an experienced attorney can help your case by:

  • Giving it legitimacy in the eyes of the court
  • Assisting you with all the resources and help necessary to build a strong case
  • Conducting negotiations and other legal proceedings on your behalf while you remain incarcerated

Ultimately, a lawyer gives you a dedicated advocate that always acts with you best interests in mind.

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Nobody should ever have to deal with any gross misconduct or mistreatment by a correctional officer – regardless of their status in society. If you or a loved one suffered due to a negligent or malicious correctional officer, please contact Rodal Law immediately for a free, 100% confidential consultation. We are committed to seeking justice for all of our clients, and we can even handle initial consults over the phone if necessary.

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